Cohort Leadership Programme

Integrating MOE’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework and leadership concepts together with the school’s objectives, cohort programmes allow pupils to explore within and embark on their self-leadership journey while creating a common experience across the level.

Equipping students’ with the mindsets and skillsets to everyday leadership, for them to be effective in leading themselves and discovering their strengths.

Goal setting,
Personal values,
Leading with Initiative,

Classmates are people whom our children spend the bulk of their school time with. Having a positive class relationship and dynamic is important in creating a conducive learning and growing environment for them.

Orientation Class Bonding,
Conflict Management,
Effective Communication,
Perspective Taking,
Commonality vs Diversity

Engaging the P1 & P2 pupils through fun and play. These young learners are given exposure through hands-on activities of what is happening out of classrooms. OE lessons facilitates pupils’ reflection anchored upon MOE’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies as well as PAL objectives.

Seasons & Weathers
Sun, Wind, Clouds
Traffic & Transportation
Knots & Lashings
Environmental Education
Floral & Fauna
Beauty of Nature
Orienteering & Map reading

Themed around Changes & Transition. This programme supports your P6s to close their primary chapter with gratitude and navigate through their transition into secondary school.

Offering a lens around reaction to changes and understanding how to make choices to manage changes they will experience from end P6 into and through Sec 1.

Handling Stressors,
Peer Influence, Emotional Management, Curiosity & Consequences (Adolescence)

Integrating Possible Leadership Concepts:
– The Leadership Challenge/5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders
– 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
– Servant Leadership
– Values-based Leadership