Through hands-on experiential learning, student leaders get to discover and learn about themselves and leadership through fun and play.

Leadership Focus:

This workshop helps leaders to understand that we cannot run from fear but we can find courage in fear. Creating an experience for students to experience what is really necessary about courage and confidence.

For Upper Primary:
Support them with simulation practice of public speaking focused on Clarity, Confidence, Congruence

Grounded on Design Thinking, we use a simplified Problem-Solving model (ABCDE) to enable our young minds to think critically while faced with a task at hand.

This process also encourages responsible decision making allowing the leaders to develop their leadership skills.

This workshop supports leaders’ understanding of creating inclusiveness in discussions & planning.
Using puzzle piecing as an analogy, this helps leaders enjoy the process of planning by finding key elements and putting them together.

Suitable for Upper Primary

Recognising that leadership is privilege, this workshop provides a platform for students to identify what kind of leader they want to be. Leaders are guided to on an intended goal setting journey, inviting them to explore important leadership values and taking action.

Communication is a core skill necessary to lead peers and teams. This programme equips leaders with deeper understanding of the components in communication and strengthen their understanding of verbal & non-verbal communication and listening.
Conflict doesn’t just happen. It occurs over time with observable patterns and signs. This workshop enables leaders to learn how to identify levels of conflict and apply resolutions to de-escalate tension in peer/team settings or managing relationships with peers and fellow leaders.

These are some of our key leadership programmes with strong track record in facilitating experience and learning for the student leaders.

Programmes are customisable to meet your pupils’ needs and focused on in-depth support in their leadership & character development.

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