Teachers more often than not already have a set of feasible lesson plans on hand for the CCE, FTGP, PAL or LLP lessons. Yet, when it comes to achieving outcomes, there seem to be some gaps. In our experience supporting schools with lesson design and modifications, we have come to recognize that this gap lies in the misalignment in students’ peak experience and the debrief structures.

This is where we can come in to provide expertise in modifying the lessons to align your lesson plans to the lesson objectives and outcomes.

Anchored on experiential pedagogy and facilitation as well as Greenlight Classroom™ approach, we provide expertise in:

Identifying gaps in current lesson plans

Aligning objectives
to outcomes using effective debrief structures

Amend and make tweaks to activities 

(where necessary)

Focused on modification of lesson flow and debrief structures.

Lesson plan modification can be for FTGP, LLP, PAL, etc.