Lesson plans are not unfamiliar to teachers. With an increase focus in activity and experience facilitation in classrooms, there is a clear need to have a grounded framework and structure in the lesson plans to better support teachers in engaging and eliciting learning from the students.


Since 2015, Pivotal has partnered with schools to co-develop lesson plans for CCE, FTGP, PAL and LLP1. Complemented with lesson briefing and facilitation workshops, Teachers were able to effectively create awareness through interventions and guide their students in the learning and reflection.


1CCE – Character & Citizenship Education

FTGP – Form Teachers Guidance Period

PAL – Programme for Active Learning

LLP – Learning for Life Programme

We are here to support you in the design and development of lessons with a 5-step Process:

1.     Pre-project Discussion

At the initial stage, we look into the needs analysis of the area of development. This ensures clarity in establishing the requirements and learning objectives and provides insights to allow customizing of the specific needs.

2.     Lesson Plan Development

We then design and develop the lesson flow and structure in consultation with the teacher-in-charge. The overall lesson package includes activities and processes focused on creating learning and aligning debrief structures to objectives.

3.     Lesson Briefing and Preparation
Lesson plan design is only part of the equation. An effective lesson also requires a clear understanding of the rationale in design, and the know-how for implementation. Moreover, we are not about the design and then leaving it to the teachers to figure out on their own. Here we work with the teacher-in-charge to arrange for lesson briefing or demonstration to walk through the lesson plan guide.

Schools can also opt for Teachers Workshop to complement the lesson plan package. This will allow a more hands-on approach to equipping and preparing the teachers delivering the lessons.

4.     Lesson Implementation & Support

Depending on the school’s resources and requirements, this stage can involve teachers and facilitators to co-lead the lessons. Handholding sessions offer on-site support for the teachers to experiment with the activities and debrief while having expertise to identify possible blind spots.


5.     Lesson Compilation & Handover
With input from the teachers after the lessons, we review and compile the lesson plans to ensure feasibility before handing over to the school. Also as part of the package, the logistics and props are packed and organized to support ease in future lesson delivery.

Lesson plans can be for CCE,

PAL (Outdoor Education; Sports & Games),

LLP (Leadership)

Lesson plans can be based on SEL Framework,

Leadership Frameworks
(e.g. The Leadership Challenge, Value-based Leadership)

We’ve been training teachers in facilitating PAL lessons since 2015.

We ventured into helping schools to aligned their PAL Lesson Plans to PAL Outcomes in 2017.