Founder's Story

Hi, I’m Samantha, your jovial practitioner! I believe deeply in learning to lead; leading to learn. Jokes and music are my go-to to connect with our young leaders.

Leadership has been the biggest part of my life. Through my schooling years to today, I had the privilege of teachers & adults in my life who nurtured me, encouraged me, challenged me and saw me greater than who I thought I could be in my leadership development.  

I remember my Student Council teacher telling me that she sees all of us as seedlings and knowing that with nurturing & challenges, we will blossom. Indeed, this flower has blossomed.

There is leadership in every one of us, and that is what I want our young ones to learn, to be excited about and from there, apply what they learn and continue to discover more about themselves.

And with this, let’s nurture and challenge our young ones so they blossom.

The Team

Sivanesen Haridas

Dip. OAL (Rep. Poly.)

Siva has been spiritedly involved in youth development training for 7 years. As a young boy who once benefited from being trained by others, he is seeking to pass on his experiences and knowledge to the next generation.  His passion for the outdoors and developing youth place him in position to demand more out of himself to give.

Lyna Lange Lagginald

Dip. Chem Process Tech.

Lyna started training and facilitating in 2010 and truly believes fun and learning can happen cohesively and concurrently.  She has a love for nature and the metaphorical transferences that happen during outdoor programmes.  Lyna also believes that “every moment is a choice made” and that facilitation starts from within.  Her passion for working with students and the future generation keeps her going.

Our facilitators are a unique blend of people and our most important asset. With a minimum age of 18 years, they come from different walks of life, from student to professional, and so bringing different experiences, perspectives and maturity to our programs.

While our trainers create the environment for learning, it is our facilitators who trigger and elicit the learning from the participants.

Graduates of our public facilitation training, they are equipped with critical skillsets in facilitating learning experiences.

What does this mean to you? Consistency. Consistency of outcome and delivery of objectives EVERY TIME.

Why we are different

If our programmes interest you, let’s connect to create learning for your students.
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